iPhone 5S and fingerprint 6 practical aspects


It seems that the speculation about the “implantation” in the next iPhone 5S probe, able to recognize the unique pattern of the finger, yet justified. It seems that there are photos of parts of this button, there are photos of the box , where you can see some light ring around the button “Home” in the end, there is a gray circles on the banner of invitation to the presentation of Apple on September 10, you can see this as a clear hint. Well, purchase of AuthenTec, has advanced the development of the fingerprint, can not confirm the fact that Apple is actively working in this direction.

Most likely, from the point of view of the device, so be it – the scanner in any way will be combined with the round button “Home”. So what does this mean? Most people think that just be easier to gain access to the home screen, enter the password in this case is not required. But it seems all a bit deeper and a little harder.


Authentication in the iCloud

Here we must take into account the fact that Apple is very much tied to iCloud, on the data that is stored remotely. The company is investing heavily in the development related to cloud storage, the improvement of existing services in the construction of new data centers. To get access to this data, you need to enter a password. Would not it be just great if the entrance to the iCloud would be carried out on a fingerprint, skipping the part where you want the password? And here is a connection between your physical and online presence, and here offers a huge scope for the imagination of developers.

Protecting access to applications

No matter whether you have a family, friends, or you work in an office – in any case there is some kind of personal data, no matter what, but this is the data that you want to protect from prying eyes. Once the password? No, thank you! Imagine that open your favorite “VKontaktik”, “Twitter” or messages iMessages can only touching the phone. Only your finger. And the benefits of this method of authentication for applications that provide access to your funds, I will not even say, online banking on iOS rise to a new level.

Enterprise Security

Most enterprise networks are protected by VPN. To connect to a virtual private network, you need a password. The lock code can ruffle anyone. Lock code – as experience shows – not the easiest character set. The lock code tends to be forgotten. The lock code has to be written on a custom pink sticker that hangs out in plain sight – on the monitor. The fingerprint scanner that allows to avoid such inconveniences, it seems, it is currently able to increase sales of devices equipped with such. Apply this approach to the existing business model – only a matter of time.

Multiple accounts

There are a number of scenarios using the device on iOS, when you really do not want anyone to have access to your device in the form in which you use them only. You are driving in the car and your kid watching cartoons or playing, your companion is holding the device, leading the way, you show pictures of the holiday – in real life, a lot of these scenarios and the need to give the device to someone else in your hands occurs almost daily .

Unfortunately for separate accounts or separate private spaces (I have no idea how this can be implemented, given the non-standard approach to everything Apple), the place was not found in iOS. But you must admit – the use of personal fingerprints for your family, for friends, for colleagues, it would be the best solution to separate levels of access to a device to limit the power and make the script used in accordance with the preferences of the owner. At least no one accidentally see a pop-up message notification, you never know who you wrote in an awkward moment.

Stolen devices

Most of the users of technology produced by Apple, stores data in iCloud. Since contacts, notes, reminders, calendar entries and ending backups. Then nothing can be done, the device from Cupertino in the truest sense forced to do so, and not otherwise. After all, though tied to iCloud, right? Now imagine – to restore all the information about any device you can simply swiping your finger on the sensor. It does not matter – you lose the device and bought a new, or you have issued the iPad at work, or you get a tablet computer in the cabin on the flight. I think there could not agree more with the convenience of such a decision.

Personal identification

If you think that Apple will give access to your personal information for developers – you are very much mistaken. This will never happen. The method was banned from release iOS 5.0, the formal documentation for developers on the screenshot. But Google would really like to get this data, think about it.

Dev Center document

Perhaps this material got to dig a little deeper than it should, even to dream a little here and there. But none of the findings is not seen me illogical. I’m sure – most of what is discussed, we will not see on 10 September. And in the coming year too. Although, if the fingerprint scanner still appears in the probable iPhone 5S, and we know that Apple likes to experiment on transition models with index «S», it will certainly be a big step forward to simplify and improve the ease of use devices. Will lay another technology, its development will not be realized before the function and usage scenarios. And yes, do not worry – the glowing ring around the button “Home” on the cover illustration – it’s just a render.

I would like to thank Craig Hockenberry of thought and Martin Hajek for renders.

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