HIRIS: the world's first wearable new computer

HIRIS: the world’s first wearable new computer

HIRIS: the world's first wearable new computer

A few days ago an Italian startup announced HIRIS (Human Interactive Reliable Integrated System), which is, according to the developers, the most perfect and stylish wearable computer on the planet. The device helps a person to set goals and monitor their execution. Developed the device in Italy, and employees of the company considering the design and functionality of the device as a whole.

Opportunities HIRIS

The device helps people to better understand your own body. The system analyzes the movement of a person in real time in the three dimensions. Due to the rapidly expanding catalog of applications, HIRIS can be customizedthat is configured according to the needs of the individual.

HIRIS: the world's first wearable new computer

  • The device is available in two versions: HIRIS Core and HIRIS Tracker.
  • Basic functions HIRIS Core (main module, or hub)
  • Hours: tasks for the day, timer, alarm clock;
  • Gestures: the use of gestures to control various functions and applications;
  • Geo: altitude, compass;
  • The social component: the ability to compare their results with those of other users of the system;
  • Work with your smartphone: messages, call notification, monitoring camera phone lookup;
  • Monitoring the activity: steps, calories, distance, quality of sleep, achievement of objectives.

The developers claim that HIRIS – it’s more than just a smart watches, fitness tracker and GPS. All functions are interrelated and work as a unit. In addition, HIRIS Core protected from splashing water, so that the device can be safely used for training in the rain.

HIRIS Core receives data on their own or through modules HIRIS Tracker.

CP can even help manage quadrocopter, without remote, gestures.

Apparatus understands gestural commands, and transmits all the data on the smartphone or PC in real time.

HIRIS: the world's first wearable new computer

In this CP Tracker can determine the position of the end-user, sports accessories in (tennis racket, snowboard) and all other dlyal analysis of the effectiveness of training. According to the developers, during a training session, you can use 1, 2, 3 or even more of these devices in order to determine the correct position of the body as well as the correct swing the racket, stand on a snowboard and other things.

HIRIS Core and HIRIS Tracker can work together or independently. For example, a tennis player may utilize in their Hiris Tracker racket for determining the speed and stroke of the swing, and then these data are visible on all HIRIS Core, in real time.

HIRIS: the world's first wearable new computer

In the catalog of applications for the system has a large number of applications for a variety of activities ranging from classes in the gym to igrovm management process in any game or control quadrocopter.

All modules may interact with each other and depend on the type of interaction selected by the application. In addition, the modules can transmit all the data on the smartphone or other device.

For HIRIS vypuscheschny following types of accessory bracelet, elastic bracelet, rigid attachment, microUSB data cable, wireless charging.

How much does that cost?

Set HIRIS CORE and HIRIS Tracker for pre-order worth 264 US dollars, and will be available kit, since October 2015. Individually HIRIS CORE and HIRIS Tracker are 194 and 94 US dollars respectively.

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