Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

Dell Inspiron 15 review – an ascetic by nature

Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

Perhaps today there is not a single user, even indirectly come across a famous manufacturer of laptops Dell Inspiron 15 review and tablets – by Dell. In any case, even if your mobile arsenal nothing of the range of this brand, you have repeatedly heard of him. And we are sure that most of these reviews have been positive, because Dell – a recognized mark of quality.

Today’s review will focus on the laptop Dell Inspiron 15 review (3542), which, at first glance, looks quite balanced and thoughtful. It is a component of the line Dell Inspiron 3000 Series 15, and thus positioned as a device for everyday, undemanding tasks. The rest will learn next.

Design – Dell Inspiron 15 review

The appearance of the laptop Dell Inspiron 15 review cannot be called remarkable or memorable. The body is completely made of plastic, metal parts are missing. Lid – matte, but it is not smooth, but has an embossed surface. This is done not only for beauty, but is also practical in nature, because the texture hides minor scratches. Overall though housing gadget enough easily soiled, all traces easily scour ordinary cloth. Icon located in the middle of the lid Dell.

Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

The display Dell Inspiron 15 review is surrounded by a black, not very broad framework, the top of which – Web camera for video. Screen size standard – 15.6 inches, this should be enough for comfortable viewing of movies, games, and working with documents. By the way, Dell Inspiron 15 review (3542) is not completely opaque, the manufacturer decided to implement it and glossy elements. And they are in the wrong place – on the side of the body, but because fingerprints – their faithful companions.

Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

Of course, we cannot ignore the bottom of the laptop. Ventilation grills there is not very much, in addition there is the cover to reveal the battery compartment and under which are the memory modules and hard disk. In general, the laptop makes a good impression. Though he is made of plastic, but this material is durable and sturdy. When pressed not pressed, no squeaks and no backlash. In short, the device is ideal for everyday use. By the way, if you need to transport anywhere this gadget, it does not deliver the inconvenience, because the laptop Dell Inspiron 15 review weighs 2.4 kg, and its dimensions are 381x268x26 mm.

Display, sound and webcam – Dell Inspiron 15 review

First of all, we note that the Dell Inspiron 15 review (3542) comes to the market with both conventional and touchscreen. For this Dell Inspiron 15 review, we selected a complete set, in which there is no possibility of sensory input. So, in my laptop installed the 15.6-inch screen, the matrix of which, unfortunately, only TN. Permission is also not at the top level, it is 1366×768 pixels.

Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

As expected, the viewing angles are poor, which, however, can be said about the brightness contrast. Of course, on how to work with the gadget on the street, not out of the question, well, except that in cloudy weather. Level of color is low enough, the colors begin to distort at the slightest deviation. In short, we are dealing with a typical low-cost matrix, all the “charms” which, strictly speaking, and seeing.

Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

The sound of the speakers also failed to please us, because was not very good. Maximum volume level, though high, but the sound at maximum it is better not to include: wheezing immediately appear. In fairness, we note that the headphones sound output on the order clearer and louder, so watch the video is better not to neglect the headset.

Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

Resolution web camera is 1 megapixel, however, for video, for example, on Skype, this is more than enough. Of course, complete pictures with this camera do not work.

Keyboard and Touchpad – Dell Inspiron 15 review

Keyboard Dell Inspiron 15 review (3542), island type, water-resistant. The keys are marked with white, they have slightly rounded corners, and a sufficiently large distance between them to avoid erroneous contact with the adjacent keys. Any features of the keys do not have, in particular, [Enter] – single-row, [Shift] on both sides of the same size, but far from small. A switch block is too small, but it is a problem and most models of other manufacturers. By the way, there is also a full size nampad that adds comfort when using the keyboard. All keys sound is quiet enough, and it is an obvious plus, but at the same time, we should mention them too soft when pressed, and it can become a disadvantage for some of the users. Outside the keyboard there is only a button on the laptop, it is located in the upper right corner.

Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

Unfortunately, there is no backlight, so at night, with the lights off in a room, it is unlikely to be comfortable to type, content only light display.

Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

The touch pad Dell Inspiron 15 review is not located at the center, and with a clear shift in the left direction. He cannot boast of its dimensions, rather, on the contrary, although the space on the site abound. The touch keypad matte, smooth, responsive, allows effortless perform scrolling, zooming and other gestures. Physical keys, but there are a separator, with which you can conditionally designate the right and left mouse buttons. The touchpad has a short, fairly quiet running, while, in the time of pressing, a great sense of giving.

Productivity – Dell Inspiron 15 review

Dell Inspiron 3542-2090 comes with the operating system Windows 8.1. Certainly filling any laptop Dell Inspiron 15 review includes a processor. In this case, it turned out to dual-core Intel Core i5-4210U generation Haswell. Its operating frequency is 1.7 GHz, while it may be increased up to 2.7 GHz thanks to technology Turbo Boost. In addition, the CPU support JavaScript Hyper-Threading, which involves the processing of two cores four threads simultaneously. The processor is configured to 22 nm process, is not very high TDP, namely 15 W and 3 MB cache level 3. This chip is not only possible, and other trim can meet Intel Pentium 3558U, as well as the Intel Core i3-4005U.

Paired Dell Inspiron 15 review with the processor integrated graphics functions, also provides discrete. Integrated graphics card Intel HD Graphics 4400 is quite productive, at least for everyday tasks it should suffice. It is made on 22nm process technology, supports DirectX 11.1, Shader 5.0, in addition equipped with a decoder for video processing and 4K encoder Quick Sync.

Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

To perform more complex tasks connected discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphics memory with 2 GB standard DDR3. It is made on the 28 nm process, supports DirectX 11 and Shader 5.0, and its clock frequency ranges from 719 MHz to 954 MHz, by the way, GeForce 820M pulls few modern games. For example, Splinter Cell: Blacklist or BioShock Infinite will go to the native display resolution of 1366×768 pixels only on medium settings and 28-30 fps. But in Dota 2 will be playing with a frequency of more than 45 frames per second.

The amount of RAM in the laptop is 4 GB DDR3-1600 MHz standard, thus it can be increased to 8 GB. Storage of information is carried out thanks to the hard disk capacity of 500 GB, and the spindle speed is 5400 rpm. By the way, the maximum possible amount of HDD, provided for in the models of this series is 1 TB.

Ports and Communications – Dell Inspiron 15 review

Number of interfaces is not the smallest. Perhaps the single most important disadvantage is only one port USB 3.0. So, on the left side there is a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, video output HDMI, RJ-45 connector, combo audio jack, and the jack for charging laptop and a slot for a Kensington lock.

Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

The right side Dell Inspiron 15 review is a port USB 2.0, card reader 3-in-1 (SD / SDHC / SDXC) and optical drive DVD-RW.

The rear facet is empty, front, too, except for the battery status indicator.

Dell Inspiron 15 review - an ascetic by nature

What to wireless technology, the Dell Inspiron 15 review (3542), they are presented in the form of Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery and Heating – Dell Inspiron 15 review

The laptop Dell Inspiron 15 review is a 4-cell lithium-ion battery capacity of 4400 mAh (40 Wh). At first glance it may seem that this is very small for a long and productive work. But do not forget that the inside of the laptop – energy-saving processor and the display is rather weak. In total, this gives a good result, in particular, during playback the video at the maximum luminance is approximately 5 hours.

As part of the noise special claims to the laptop is not. Anyway, for simple tasks, such as audio playback, web browsing, working with documents, the cooler is not included. More difficult tasks provoke its inclusion, but it works almost noiselessly. Furthermore, the device does not exceed the permissible limits of the temperature norms and therefore does not overheat occurs.

Conclusion – Dell Inspiron 15 review

Laptop Dell Inspiron 15 review (3542) proved to be a worthy representative of the budget class. Cannot say that it avoids the disadvantages, there they are. For example, the display quality is poor literally in all respects. He appeared weak resolution, TN-matrix, poor brightness, contrast and color deficiency. Filling also difficult to surprise the modern user, however, it allows simple brilliantly perform daily work and even play modern games.

But if you look at it from the other side, due to the low quality of the screen and so the hardware component, the battery is not discharged for a long time. In addition, pleased with the keyboard, because it is very convenient to print and the austere design that will satisfy fans of minimalism. In short, everyone who is looking for a laptop Dell Inspiron 15 review for each day at a nice price, Dell Inspiron 15 review (3542) should appeal.

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