iPhone 5c can be repaired right in the Apple Store


Numerous sources, including 9to5Mac, reported that as early as next week, Apple will begin replacing broken screens iPhone 5c right in their retail stores. Planned to appoint the start of the service on January 20. This initiative has been worked for a few months, and finally the company coped with the organization of this service and the importation of spare parts shops.

For a man who dropped his iPhone 5c and smashed display, this may be the most convenient way to repair your phone. The procedure for replacing the screen on the iPhone 5c is simple and takes less than one hour. Falling smartphone – it is not a warranty case and for the replacement of broken glass will have to pay. The cost of services are likely to be $ 149 for those who do not participate in the program Apple care, replacement for the participants will be cheaper.

It is curious that iPhone 5s will not be served until, although the procedure for replacing the display there is a little different. Perhaps, iPhone 5s stronger his fellow plastic and plastic housing can be more slippery that provokes the fall. There is speculation that iPhone 5c more mass due to reduced cost. Can not say for sure, but anyway, it was starting to repair colored iPhone.

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