Microsoft will release Siri competitor April

While Apple users often focuses on its voice assistant Siri, is constantly improving itslanguages ​​and adding new owners iPhone and iPad, as a rule, rarely use this feature. Nevertheless, the majority of smartphone manufacturers are committed to provide customers with an interlocutor in the form of intelligent voice assistant. And because after buying Nokia Microsoft has increased its chances of survival in the mobile market, the company is trying to keep up with their competitors.

According to CNET, in April of this year, Microsoft will release a beta version of its voice assistant. Name for your corporation decided to borrow from the artificial intelligence Cortana – character-game series Halo. It is noteworthy that the voice assistant will give the actress Jen Taylor, who voiced the same name of the heroine of the popular game.

Rumored by Cortana in Redmond plan to leave far behind Apple with its Siri through advanced speech recognition and voice aid fast learning. Function will work on all smartphones series Lumia.

In commercials Surface Microsoft Siri voice often used to demonstrate the superiority of their tablet over the iPad, but never mentioned that she did not have such technology. But the emphasis on the presence of USB ports and HDMI.

On the other hand, if there is now an urgent need for such a voice assistant that they develop all and sundry? It’s one thing when a user uses voice control for various operations, and quite another when it communicates with the assistant of the last game between the “Bavaria” and “Manchester United”. And learn the expense is often much more convenient to use a browser with a search engine.

According to recent studies, a very small number of users find Siri really useful tool.Yes, you can play with it a few evenings, asking different tricky questions, but no more. Create your alarm clock? See the weather for a week? All this can be done using a pair of taps. So the feasibility of developing Cortana remains a big question.

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