iPhone 5c fell by half


We remember that Apple has reported that over the first weekend it managed to sell a record 9,000,000 new iPhone. However, the company did not specify what proportion of this volume amounted iPhone 5S , and which took place at 5c. However, the trend of the last days it can be concluded that the iPhone does not use plastic at buyers demand.

Media reported that just two U.S. retailers – WalMart and RadioShack – decided to significantly reduce the price of the new smartphone. Earlier iPhone 5c offered for $ 99 at the conclusion of a two-year contract. Now when you purchase the gadget at RadioShack customers receive a gift card for $ 50. Thus, from now on the customers of the retail network are able to buy contract iPhone 5c for just $ 49. Buyers Network WalMart to get a better offer: the end of the Christmas season, they will be able to buy a smartphone for $ 45 with the same two-year contract.

Information that do not plan to do the same Russian resellers unavailable. However, it is known that some “gray” dealers offer iPhone 5c at substantially lower prices than last year sold the iPhone 5. Obviously, the model 5s causes buyers to more enthusiasm than 5 seconds, which was originally seen as a budget version of the iPhone, but in the end was nowhere near as cheap as expected.

According to the materials MarketWatch.com

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