IDC: Samsung and Apple are leading the smartphone market, but lose market share

The company IDC released a report on the state of the smartphone market in the second quarter of 2013. It is noted that although Samsung and Apple are the leaders in this market, they gradually lose their market share, and the most dynamic growth is demonstrated by smaller players.

Only in the second quarter of 2013 was 237.9 million smartphones shipped. Compared to the same period last year, shipments increased by 52.3% (a year before it was shipped 156.2 million units).

In the second quarter, Samsung sold 72.4 million smartphones, representing a 30.4% market share. In the same period last year, it sold fewer devices (50.3 million), but its market share was higher (32.2%). During the year, the supply of smart phones Samsung has increased by 43.9%. Runner-up, Apple has more than 2 times behind the leader. She has sold 31.2 million smartphones (13.1% market share). A year earlier the rate was 26.0 million units (16.6% market share). Over the years Apple has increased its deliveries by 20.0%.

Third place was taken by LG is a measure of 12,100,000 units (5.1% market share). In the second quarter of 2012, the company sold 5.8 million smartphones (3.7% market share). Thus, the growth in supply was 108.6%. Even more dynamic growth demonstrated by Lenovo – 130,6%. During the year it increased its quarterly smartphone sales with 4.9 million (3.1% of the market) to 11.3 million (4.7% market share). The top five leaders of the company with the index ZTE shipped 10.1 million smartphones (4.2% market share). A year earlier, she had sold 6.4 million units (4.1% market share). As a result, for the year ZTE smartphone shipments increased by 57.8%. All other players in the market of smartphones shipped 100.8 million (42.4% market share). The increase for the year was 60.5%.

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