Ballmer on Surface RT: “We have released more devices than were able to sell”

At the traditional closed-door meeting in the office of Microsoft, which is held after the announcement of quarterly results, Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer), CEO, and Kevin Turner (Kevin Turner), COO, explained the situation to write off $ 900 million because of the Surface RT , according to The Verge , citing unnamed sources.

During the meeting, Ballmer and Turner said that the write-off of $ 900 million was needed to reduce the cost of the tablet Surface RT at 30%, which, in turn, had to be done to increase its sales. “We have released more devices than were able to sell” – confessed to Ballmer. Thus Microsoft has tried to clear stocks Surface RT, as the company plans to continue to release tablets. Steve Ballmer has not confirmed this information, but the source of The Verge claims that the new Surface been tested within Microsoft.

In addition, Ballmer briefly discussed the sale of Windows. “We do not sell as many Windows-based device, much as we would like” – complained the head of the company. As a result, Microsoft will concentrate on the season, “back to school” and Christmas holidays, and will try to provide a sufficient number of devices on Windows 8 and 8.1 on sale.

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