Samsung is preparing to release tablets with AMOLED screen diagonal of 10 inches and 8

Already next year the South Korean company Samsung is going to launch two new tablet computer screens AMOLED, that can more effectively counter tablets Apple iPad.

Applying proprietary organic crystals AMOLED screens in tablets should not only increase the contrast, but also due to the absence of general lighting to reduce energy consumption and increase battery runtimes.

Is currently known about the intentions Samsung to release at least two tablet with a screen diagonal of 10 inches and 8. However, it is difficult to say how it will update the lineup – Galaxy Note with S Pen stylus support or Galaxy Tab. With high probability we can say only one thing – new items will relate to higher price segment.

According to Electronista , in the third quarter of this year, Samsung’s share of the tablet market has grown to 22%. This is not the 30% of the market, which is still owned by Apple. Nevertheless, in the last quarter of the South Korean giant has managed to increase sales by 8.1% compared to the same period last year.

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