The gaming system with a resolution of just $ 12K 17000

Gaming PCs with three Full HD monitors are not very common, but such systems are no longer surprise the audience. But gaming stations with three 4K-resolution displays with a combined 11,520 × 2,160 pixels, we have not seen yet. Decided to surprise gamers Microsoft.

Taking the three newly announced 4K-screen Sharp PN-K321 and on-chip graphics card AMD Radeon HD 7970 representatives of the Extreme Windows Blog were able to run the game Dirt 3 for Windows 8 at 11520 × 2160 resolution at 30 fps. Obviously, this skill AMD had to write a special version of the driver for the HD 7970, with standard drivers of the system to produce a total of 8 frames per second.

The cost of three 4K monitors Sharp PN-K321 with IGZO panels in excess of $ 15,000, plus the cost of about $ 2,000 gaming PC.

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