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We all love the operating system Android. It is logical, and open, respectively, offer incredible personalization. However, the known expression states that nothing in this world is not perfect, and green robot is no exception. A few days ago we, for example, saw the innovations iOS 8, which are unlikely to be prevented by their presence in the system of the search giant. Despite this, the interaction with the smartphone without them is real. Whether it split screen, which add to the stock Android should be right now.

Is it possible?

Of course, yes. In favor of the introduction of this particular say two factors. First, it is incredibly powerful stuffing modern flagships for which two tasks at the same time is not something supernatural. Second, the physical data of the current smartphones. Most of these displays have a diagonal equal to five inches or more, whereas their resolution, at least, is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is quite enough.


But why?

The answer is pretty obvious: it is incredibly convenient. Imagine how comfortable it would be both to discuss the details of the order and make the first sketches, for example, in a graphics editor? Or view e-mails and text based emails immediately be tasks for the near future. Come up with such applications can be vast. However, none of them are still not available for Nexus-devices.

Conventional multi-tasking will be difficult to compete with the split screen. Unfortunately, still rare are the cases of application restart after re-transfer to them. I want to believe that such a defect, the new product will be corrected.


One more thing

All right, we are talking about competitors. And if we call those of LG and Samsung with their MW mode on Galaxy Note is quite difficult, the threat from Apple obvious. The latter, according to numerous leaks, plans to introduce a split screen in the iPad tablet running iOS 8. By the way, tablets from Microsoft has been working with two applications simultaneously.

Representatives of the Nexus line of devices are very special. Adding such features not only add points to their reputation, but also to encourage the development of other manufacturers.

A fun if you split screen? Share answers in the comments.

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