Multifunction devices: Home & Office

Multifunction devices: Home & Office

Multifunction devices: Home & Office

Multifunction device – an indispensable thing for office or home. Today, on the market there are many such devices. Now very popular monochrome MFP, but many people need and color printing.

This review will consider several current models of multifunction devices targeted at home and in the office.

HP Officejet 7610 e-All-in-One

This model is compared to most competitors seems rather cumbersome. And all because she is able to work with documents in A3 format. Here is used for printing inkjet technology. As conceived by the manufacturer, this device is able to compete with a laser machine-oriented use in small and medium-sized offices.

Face of the device is a touch screen with a diagonal of just over 2.5 inches, with which you can operate in standalone mode. However, it is not always triggered willingly. You also have the ability to change the angle of the panel on which the screen. Connect the machine to the office network can be through both wired and wireless built-in interface. The device is equipped with a fax function, it is able to display both color and black and white posts.

For the media feed is used here cassette feeder up to 250 sheets of A4 or A3, which should be a bit modified.

Since the device is designed primarily for office use, are provided for the automatic document feeder on the scanner glass. However, this device is quite finicky work.

Like most modern models of HP, this device support JavaScript cloud printing ePrint. The gist of it is that the user can print, including remotely relevant information from any device, able to send e-mail.

This MFP has installed the client part of the software and its own unique e-mail address to which the user can from your desktop or mobile computer, PDA or smart phone to send the print job as attachments to email messages. Server environment processes the request and sends data to the device. The main thing that the printer was connected to the network. Now supported by the majority of the most common formats (documents Microsoft Office, files Adobe PDF, JPEG-images, etc).

Also in the model applied technology AirPrint, which provides direct printing from smartphones and tablets running mobile operating system, Apple iOS.

Used to scan the CDI module (Contact Image Sensor). This is not the best option to work with three-dimensional originals, but for document processing is well suited. Noise it is not too much, and color characteristics he is quite acceptable.

The printer device used for printing chetyrehkartridzhevaya scheme with pigment inks. And on sale there inkwells both standard and increased capacity. When using the first cost per print is quite significant, the second one allows to save a lot.

The output quality is quite acceptable documents. Nice to read fonts even scored very small a size, without the characteristic or the lowering of the teeth. But the graphics output is not as good as might be desired.

Fast mode is implemented well. At a much higher speed printing than in normal mode, it allows you to be nice to save ink. Fall saturation prints is about 20%, and the quality is reflected not much. However, the level of noise produced during operation, is unlikely to please.

Brother DCP-1512R

Brother has continued to experiment with design solutions. Its regular monochrome MFP looks stylish thanks to the use of plastic in different colors. Also worth noting is very compact device. All connection sockets are hidden in the recesses of the housing. There is also a display, though not as functional as many of its competitors.

Multifunction devices: Home & Office

Front cover tray serves as the paper.

Copy function performed on a conventional device of this class level. The copy is only slightly darker than the original, at the conclusion of the page takes about 14 seconds.

The scanner has an optical resolution of 600 × 1200 pixels. Just realized the scanner control program will not cause difficulties in the process.

This model has a separate drum, not combined with the cartridge. His projected resource is 10 000 prints, the price – about 4000 rubles.

Canon PIXMA MG5540

This model continued line of multifunction printers for home-oriented work with photographic images.

On its top panel placed a rather large color display. Well structured internal menu is easy to learn. The model provides automatic two-sided printing, and can also play the role of a network device in a wireless LAN. Its special features include support for integration with cloud services, as well as direct printing and scanning with tablets and smartphones. There used built-in power supply.

Multifunction devices: Home & Office

The device uses four-color printing system with separate ink tanks. Ensures the quality of the output is well suited for both photos and text to. When using a proprietary paper the result is close to the ideal, but at any other point shown image structure, particularly noticeable on the soft tone transitions.

Fast mode allows you to save a good idea – the fall prints saturation is about 30%, and this significantly affects the quality.

The scanning unit is configured based on the CDI module, which leads to a small depth of field performance and color variability. When scanning thick books noticeable problems do not occur because the cover provides a good pressing.

Xerox WorkCentre 6015NI

Another model of Xerox is focused on those who decided to build a small office, but wants to print in color. Design of the device is quite standard, except that finish in dark blue plastic catches the eye. The buttons on the front panel of a small, but quite comfortable. The build quality of the mark, did not falter and no backlash. It is worth noting the presence of a large monochrome display with LED backlight, which displays a significant amount of overhead. On the sidebar there is a key power outage.

Cassette feeder in this model is not provided, it performs the role of a hinged lid, which is not too convenient. Housed in the upper part of the output tray is made in the form of niches, equipped with a retractable guide. Its estimated capacity is approximately 100 sheets of A4.

Multifunction devices: Home & Office

The device used LED printing technology, the quality of the output is relatively high.

To scan module used OED, provides a resolution of 600 TND, which is enough for office use. Processing test scale IT-8 showed a slight shift to magenta channel. Colorfully made scanner driver plethora of options. Not happy, except that the high level of noise.

The presence of USB-ports allows you to connect to the MFP flash keychain to offline scan documents to them. Of the extra comforts worth noting the presence of the fax function and the ability to integrate into the local wired and wireless network.

The scanner cover is equipped with an automatic document feeder, which copes with its responsibilities, significantly speeding up the processing of sheet material. The main thing is that the sheets were not wrinkled, otherwise they can be permanently damaged. If we consider the operation of the scanner, it is worth noting the average speed characteristics. Scan a color photo format 10 × 15 mm (300 TND) takes 23 s, and black-and-white document A4 – 14. When copying machine a little nedokladyvaet toner, so that the intensity should increase slightly.

Ricoh SP C250SF

Colour MFP Ricoh SP C250SF focused on use in small and medium-sized offices. According to the manufacturer, it provides print speeds up to 20 pages per minute in both black and white and in color. The possibility of automatic two-sided printing. Place the unit will not take too much, it is quite compact models in its class.

Multifunction devices: Home & Office

The device can be used as a network in a wired LAN. Availability fax machine is a standard for many office machines, and this was no exception. The front panel has a numeric keypad, which is certainly convenient. There is also a small display, which displays the settings. Displaying information on the quality adjustment.

Menu is arranged logically, to master it will not be difficult.

The model is equipped with an automatic document feeder on the scanner glass. And he deals with them delicately, which is rare. The scanner device with a high-resolution, allows to obtain digital copies of the originals necessary.

The speed of the MFP can be called high – processing color original A4 format with a resolution of 300 TND takes about 18 seconds. And up to 10 sheets of 42 leaves. Noise at work is relatively low. Processing test scale IT-8 showed only a small shift in purple and green channel. The scanner driver is quite austere, there are only the most necessary in the work setting.

If you use the automatic document feeder for copying machine is traditionally a bit over the top of the toner.

When printing to the media feed used capacious tray that fits 251 A4 sheet. In the case of large print volume can be increased further optional 500 sheets. Recommended monthly duty cycle of up to 30,000 pages.

The printer device successfully coped with the conclusion as text typed by a size of various sizes and business graphics. Yes, and print color images out his more than worthy. Fill color look completely natural, except that there is a slight predominance of purple dye. The printer does not save toner and apply it as long as necessary.

The advantages of the device is the presence of built-in Wi-Fi, whereby realized the possibility of interaction with mobile devices. But you have to install the application Ricoh Smart Device Print & Scan.


Presented in the article Device cope well with their responsibilities and provide a fairly high quality output documents and images. They are all quite different, so you need to choose among them, based on their own preferences and needs. However, note that the cost per print is largely dependent on the class of models considered in devices varies markedly.

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