Overview of LCD TVs format Ultra HD – Sony KD-65X9005A


So, we meet the KD-65X9005A – or «4K for the masses,” as it is the company Sony. This 65-inch TV for $ 9000 – the smallest and most inexpensive 4K-TV, which we have seen until now (preparing to release a 55-inch KD-55X9005A for $ 6000). However, due to the lack of content in 4K digital KD-65X9005A owners will have to manage video files from different sources and of different resolution, including DVD (576i), Blu-ray (1080p) and HD-TV (1080i). All this TV will have to scale up its resolution Ultra HD.

TV shows from the digital tuner in standard definition – the most difficult source for this TV: he has to finish building 19 pixels out of every 20. Processor Renderer Sony X-Reality Pro copes with the case, the level of noise and digital artifacts are minimal, the detail is quite high. Contours not entirely clear, but that’s to be expected. But the energetic white and bright colors are very pretty.

An image with a digital HD-tuner shows a higher level of purity, detail and clarity. Costumes, fighting for the attention of Lord Sugar in the TV series “Candidate”, well designed and almost burst with texture and detail, as well as the feeling of self-importance.

Reports about tennis from Queens almost does not suffer from flicker during the chaotic movements of the players on the court. Image processing technology Motionflow – one of the most powerful, modes “Standard” or “Clear” provide a high quality picture.

Triluminos new technology is designed to enhance color quality, and improve the quality of red, blue and green. They are very bright and vivid, the difference between the strips of grass on the court is clearly visible. However, the blue color on the billboards in the background is a bit unnatural, however much we were busy with the settings. Nevertheless, the figures themselves tennis, racquets and their costumes are reproduced exactly, the noise is almost imperceptible, the contours sufficiently clear.

Including “Les Miserables” on DVD, we found that the Sony hardly given drawing straight lines. The detail is still high, between stability, clarity and depth are lost because of the huge gap between the source and screen resolutions. The same movie on Blu-ray shows a different picture: the lines get in the place, the characters and backgrounds are becoming more focused, more detail increases dramatically. Texture on the faces become much more pronounced, and the noise – almost imperceptible.

Gloomy slums of Paris look convincing, although the depth of the black color gives the best Sony Plasma models – such as the Panasonic TX-PR55VT65; even in low light the quality is not too impressive. On the other hand, contour LED lighting, this model is very smooth, spot light is not noticeable even in the corners of the screen – no small achievement for a lot of this type of TV.

If you tinker with the settings “Black Corrector” and “Improved contrast”, the picture becomes a little better, but even a few days of the experiments did not allow us to find the right balance between detail and depth.

The set includes four pairs of passive 3D-glasses.


4K Ultra HD: what is it and how you view it


By the standards of digital cinema 4K resolution is 4096 × 2160 pixels, but to meet the ordinary home 16:9 aspect ratio, it is reduced to 3840 × 2160. In this case, the pixel is four times higher than in standard Full HD (1920 × 1080).

The format is still in the development stage: until now there is no way to buy content on the disc or download in digital form, there is no translation – although some companies in Japan plan to launch them in 2014, BBC going to try it at Wimbledon, and the Japanese company NTT West testing the live webcast at 4K.

In January, Sony announced its plans to launch in the fall of the U.S. service for downloading materials in 4K; exact date is unknown. Also expected in the summer of 4K-media server Sony FMP-X1 for $ 700. It will be written 10 films, including “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles” and the remastered version of the movie “Taxi Driver” and “The Bridge on the River Kwai.” Probably on the device can be pumped for other films still undeclared fee. It is assumed there anything similar in Europe, is still unknown.

One of the benefits of 4K-screen – standard support Full HD 3D passive technology by 2160 horizontal pixels are divided in half, ie 1080p for each eye. For TV Full HD format that is possible only with the active shutter glasses.

The result is magnificent: the animated film “Despicable Me” includes both the obvious and subtle 3D-effects, and Sony provides a picture perfect elaboration. The motion passed with confidence, the picture is very multi-layered and deep.

But the big question – how do you look 4K? Due to the lack of available content Sony has equipped us with the server with the clips in 4K, which include a fragment of a remake of the movie “Total Recall” in 2012 and the trailer for “After our era.” 


Our overall opinion – great! The picture on the head is superior to any Blu-ray-equivalent. We even thought, what’s the point in 3D, if the image format is so stunning 4K inherent depth and realism?

You will be moved into the heart of the film. A sense of perspective in wide shots is incredible, and the lack of clarity of the image noise can see the smallest details – from the flower buds before the leaves have on the face of the actor. Textures are so realistic that the characters and the situation seems to be possible to touch a screen, the viewer is completely immersed in the action.

Innovative design of the AU

We are used to the TV, the speakers are heard but not seen, they are hidden in the ends of the screen and emit sound through microscopic holes. Sony has taken a different way: Speaker KD-65X9005A has become one of the main lures of TV advertising.

On each side you will see two mid / bass heads, and between them – the tweeter. The speakers used the revolutionary Sony technology based on magnetic fluid, allowing to pack them in a slim body, they also promise a more open and accurate sound.


In terms of sound it is definitely the best TV of 2013. He has an amazing stereo sound, pleasing excellent separation organization, cleanliness and rare detail.

Explosions rokochut rather than shaken, but the bass control and demonstrate the vigor and the sound in general – amazing music for TV speakers. Soundbar and wireless subwoofer definitely will add weight, but perhaps will be more comfortable to use – this TV is quite good without them.

As to the quality of the image, then 65X9005A is in worse conditions than its competitors: its main purpose – the format of 4K, but look at it until there’s nothing, and the holders of the required sum is clearly looking forward to bringing a new wonder to see with my own eyes – and right now. We certainly would want.

So far, the best option – Blu-ray discs and TV shows in HD; them Sony managed superbly. It’s not the best TV, what we’ve seen, but it is perfect for 4K, when he finally arrives.

Price: $ 9000

Rating: 4

PROS: Amazing picture in 4K; great in 3D; equipment and the connection list

CONS: Not the deepest black, not very natural colors, no market 4K-content

VERDICT: A stylish looks, luxurious sound, but best of all – a 4K image

In terms of figures

  • Type: LED-TV
  • Screen size: 65 inches
  • Matrix: 3840 × 2160 pixels
  • Built-in digital tuner: Yes
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, component, RGB SCART, 3 USB, audio
  • Outputs: Audio, Optical
  • Dimensions (W × H × D): 90 × 168 × 10 cm
  • Weight: 46.4 kg

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