Acer XR341SKA a new curved monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC

Acer XR341SKA a new curved monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC

Acer XR341SKA a new curved monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC

Almost more and more people began to spend their free time at the monitor. Therefore, manufacturers got down to a serious problem developing technology for viewing movies, games, and other works associated with the monitor.

Large and well-known manufacturer Acer has introduced an interesting model monitor for video lovers. Let’s look at the main features of the new monitor which was called XR341SKA.

The features of the monitor Acer XR341SKA

The main positive aspect of the new Acer XR341SKA is curved screen. Recently, most of the manufacturers to develop new production technology of curved screens. And Acer introduced its model with a curved screen too.

Acer XR341SKA a new curved monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC

The new monitor Acer XR341SKA offers quite a huge diagonal size, which is 34-inches. In this resolution, the pixel density is 3440 by 1440 pixels. And it’s not bad for a modern monitor and for the modern user in our time. The technological panel consists of IPS panels. In addition, as reported by the manufacturer of the monitor viewing angles up to 178 degrees. Fascinating picture when you are watching or playing video games.

Another main feature of the monitor, Acer XR341SKA is a new technology NVIDIA G-INBN. This technology will show precise and clear picture, and the color reproduction is high.

A lot of good sides showing us a new monitor, but the aspect ratio is 21: 9. In addition, the monitor can be connected to the connector HDMI and DisplayPort. Many little things make the monitor interesting and enjoyable for both work and leisure. For example in the monitor has backlighting. Also the connection USB 3.0, and 2 speaker for volumetric sound. And as reported by the manufacturer of each speaker Power steering is 7W.

Acer XR341SKA a new curved monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC

Included in the monitor will be comfortable and practical stand. Which will help to adjust the height of rise and tilt up to 130mm.

In conclusion, the monitor Acer XR341SKA has good features such as the curved screen that nowadays more and more popularity of brings. Price, as reported by the manufacturer, is 1,399 euros. And the release date is reported to be a few months later in June 2015.

Source: Acer

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