IPhone users are more likely to update their smartphones


How often do you update your iPhone? Do you expect to look another novelty from Apple or use your smartphone as long as he did not start out to throw out the details? Analysts at research firm CIRP believe that an exemplary life cycle iPhone is two years – and then either sell it on the secondary market, or transfer to relatives or friends.

The update time for Mac can be up to four years, which is not surprising, because most buyers do not need annual change computers, especially if it’s iMac or MacBook. Working machines on Windows and do serve faithfully for seven years or more.

According to experts, the life cycles of iPad and Mac are almost identical, although it would seem, the plates must be updated much more frequently.

In case of loss, theft or damage to the device more than 80% of iPhone owners will replace their smartphone within 1-2 days, another 15% can tolerate up to one week, writes Fortune. With iPad buyers also do not want to leave for a long time – more than half of the users will not last without a tablet and two days. And even here, iPad and Mac figures are remarkably similar.


What the owners do with your old iPhone and iPad? Nearly a third of smartphone users from Apple sells or exchanges a device, another 20% think his entourage. For iPad figure “donation” and does more than 40%.


All this once again proves that not only devotion to buyers of smartphones and tablets from Apple, but also a high degree of dependence on them.

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