New mobile 4G LTE-YOTA MANY router with a long battery life

Introduced a compact Yota Yota Many mobile router to connect to 4G LTE. The battery life on a single charge has increased several times. Monitor the battery level, the number of connected devices and operating mode of Wi-Fi networks can now be built using energy-efficient display technology based Electronic Paper Display.

By the size of the new Yota Many compact as a conventional smartphone and its weight – only 90 grams. The device, according to the Yota, made of high quality materials (number of elements – from the polished metal) has a wear-resistant coating with pearl white color.

Yota Many battery and a half times higher capacity than the previous model of the mobile router (2100 mAh vs 1430 mAh). At the same time energy usage has decreased: the battery now last for 16 hours of surfing, and in the standby router can be up to 60 hours. One hour recharging Yota Many will charge to 70%, and it is fully charged in 2 hours.

Charge the new device in two ways: including it in the charger using the cable from USB-connector or by connecting the router directly to the computer (in this case, even dolled Yota Many began working as USB-modem).

Built-in display technology based Electronic Paper Display displays the battery level and number of connected devices. With the new feature, Yota Share user can create additional open Wi-Fi network – you just need to move the switch. After appearing on the screen of the device, “smiley” open network appear in a few seconds. With Yota Share, you can create an open Wi-Fi network at the same time leaving for their devices a closed connection.

Mobile router Yota Many go on their own selling point Yota network of partners and 20 July 2013 and will cost $ 150.

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