Hard reset DEXP Ixion: step-by-step instruction

Hard reset DEXP Ixion: step-by-step instruction

After some time each Android smartphone, including DEXP Ixion, starts to work more slowly. It is because users install a lot of apps, widgets, download videos, photos and more.

Thus, if you want to increase the speed of your phone DEXP Ixion, you need to clean the internal memory. The fastest and most reliable way to do this – to perform hard reset DEXP Ixion.

Also, with the help of hard reset DEXP Ixion you can remove unlock pattern, PIN or password that you have forgotten from your mobile device. In other words, after a factory reset your smartphone will be clean and new as if it had just bought at the store.

We found out why you need a hard reset, now let’s see how to make hard reset hard reset DEXP Ixion.

This manual is suitable for all DEXP Ixion models. We made detailed screenshots, so you do not have any problems during the factory reset process.

Hard reset DEXP Ixion

  1. First, you need to turn off the smartphone if it is still on.
  2. Then press and hold two buttons on the side panel of smartphone: Power button and Volume UP button.
  3. After a few seconds the menu will appear on the phone screen.

Note: Some models do not need to perform steps 4-5. If you have Recovery menu, go to step 6.

  1. Press Volume UP button to select Recovery menu. After that, press the Volume Down button to confirm your selection.Hard reset DEXP Ixion: step-by-step instruction
  2. You will see the Android robot lying with the words “No command.” Press the Power key.
  3. You have entered Recovery menu. In this menu, you are interested in option «Wipe data…». Press the Volume Up button to select.Hard reset DEXP Ixion: step-by-step instruction
  4. Next, you must go to the option «Yes – delete…» and then press Volume Up button.Hard reset DEXP Ixion: step-by-step instruction
  5. Wait until the hard reset DEXP Ixion will be completed, and then press Volume Up button to restart the smartphone.Hard reset DEXP Ixion: step-by-step instruction

After rebooting, you will find that all the data and settings have been removed.

Note: restart may take a little longer than usual. Do not worry, wait until Android will be loaded.

If you have any questions about hard reset DEXP Ixion, please ask in comments.

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