Google TV is not dead – will soon get Google support cast

Google yesterday introduced the small chrome cast stick to many asked themselves what would happen with Google TV. The Google TV platform is not really so good unfortunately arrived in Germany and also global, so many might have thought that Google Chrome cast or cast to replace the whole thing. But which does not seem to be so. As Android chief Sundar Pichai namely telling colleagues from Cnet after the presentation of Google TV continues to exist alongside Google cast. On the contrary, it is for Google TV is apparently already detailed plans for the future and this year also the support for Google cast is to be installed there.

Unfortunately, it was for Google TV in the past, not much noise. At the Google I / O was promised an update to Android 4.2 in the third quarter Jelly Bean – in November last year it was said that Google TV is making great progress. Of all this is (at least in my opinion) have not much felt. ‘m Still curious how Google tries to place Google TV Chrome cast over the stick in the coming months. If in doubt, Google TV then they will simply make the lights – just like they did with some other Google services in the past.

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