BlackBerry 9720 with BlackBerry 7 OS shows up (video + photos)

BlackBerry tries to remain on the market with the BlackBerry 10 operating system and the devices released in the past. However, one can probably not quite let go of the old operating system and therefore the Canadians may soon bring a device to market, which comes to the market with BlackBerry 7.1.

The device now shows namely a first video of our Vietnamese friends of It will probably come with a 480 × 360 pixel touch screen and a 1450mAh on the market. The design is probably not final, so that still could change anything to start. Confirmed regardless of the device has also evleaks the Twitter channel.

This is the picture above with the same model name posted. When the device is officially unveiled is not yet known.

I also do not quite bring even an “old” with BlackBerry OS 7 to market strategy in addition to the “new” devices. BlackBerry will have already thought of this but hopefully something will somehow try and save the sinking ship.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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