Google started sending promotional messages to Gmail users

Google has found a new way to generate income from its free email service Gmail. Now advertising is delivered to users in the form of e-mail messages.

For example, some users report that they are in your Gmail started receiving e-mail message, the advertising content. Moreover, such ads are full of letters. They can open, forward, or delete other users. Such letters appear only in the tab “Promotions” of the new interface mailbox. From other posts in this tab, they differ a yellow background, and are designated Ad.

According to the Google, instead of a permanent display advertising at the top of the mailbox was chosen a more suitable place display advertisements – in the category “Promotions”. Furthermore, it is stated improvement of advertising selection algorithm, so that the user will only receive relevant advertisements. As a result, the user will see absolutely no advertising, if no suitable posts. In addition, clicking on the button «X» on the right side, you can remove the ads from the tab “Promotions”.

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