Optoma NuForce DDA-120 review - Direct Digital Integrated Amplifier-DAC

Optoma NuForce DDA-120 review – Direct Digital Integrated Amplifier-DAC

NuForce DDA-120 – a new product of the Californian company, acquired in late 2014 the famous manufacturer of projectors Optoma. The device is a Digital Integrated Amplifier-DAC in a pretty aluminum housing that can receive digital and analog signals as well as control the playback of digital music in all possible ways in your home.

Given the small device number of connections at the digital integrated amplifier-DAC DDA-120 can be called enviable: two digital optical inputs, one coaxial, USB-port and “slot” for the complete Bluetooth-module NuForce BTR-01. In addition, there is five digital inputs and analog RCA lead to connect the system components of previous generations. Careful, though inevitably overloaded rear panel also inhabits outputs digital integrated amplifier-DAC connector for the power supply and switch.

Feature of the new Direct Digital Integrated Amplifier-DAC

Finally, the kit includes a small plastic remote control, it is not combined with the high price and elegant appearance of the device.

Optoma NuForce DDA-120 review - Direct Digital Integrated Amplifier-DAC

In contrast to the jam-packed back panel, front pleases purity. At first glance, it seems the presence of an all-metal single knob on the right side (it controls the on / off, input selection, and volume). His handle is perfectly polished and looks quite decent for this price category.

However, it should look more closely, and everything will not banal. On the front panel there is a display showing the selected input and volume; He looks pretty vague, the data on it is not easy to read at an angle.

Optoma NuForce DDA-120 review - Direct Digital Integrated Amplifier-DAC

Acting as entertainment-based home stereo, digital integrated amplifier-DAC DDA-120 does not take up much space on the shelf, but it lets you connect multiple sources – such as a network player, smartphone, TV, the CD-player and even a turntable.

After a couple of warm days, we have connected to our network player NuForce Naim and a pair of speakers Q Acoustics Concept 20. As DDA-120 accepts files up to 24 bit / 96 kHz, we decided to start testing with HD-audio.

Optoma NuForce DDA-120 review - Direct Digital Integrated Amplifier-DAC

Mid-range immediately attracts attention. Clean and accurate voice noticeably stand out; the device has a weakness for the MF and HF in preference to deep bass. Top sometimes prone to excessive brightness; this should be taken into account in the selection of speakers – Concept 20 in this regard is very good. To be more closely, it is easy to evaluate the accuracy of NuForce. Start and attenuation of each note clearly worked, all the tools neatly arranged on a sound stage.

The video of the new Direct Digital Integrated Amplifier-DAC from Optoma

However, the lower registers have caused us concern. Bass are present, they boast the same high speed as that of the sounds from other bands, but they are seriously lacking in depth.

The dynamics are not too expressive; the difference between loud and soft passages is smaller than we are used to. The nature of the NuForce sound is the same for all inputs.

Optoma NuForce DDA-120 review - Direct Digital Integrated Amplifier-DAC

The lack of zest and enthusiasm becomes even more obvious when compared with digital integrated amplifier-DAC Cambridge Audio CXA60 for the same $ 1,000. Cambridge markedly overall and to equip roughly comparable to NuForce, but the sound had a much more enjoyable and lively.

Complete Bluetooth-module BTR-01 supports codec aptX; thanks to the simplicity of the settings you can have a few seconds to start to listen to music from your smartphone or tablet.


In digital integrated amplifier-DAC NuForce DDA-120 a lot of advantages: sturdy construction, stylish design, a lot of connections. However, for this price, you can easily find the system much better and exciting sound.

Price: $ 1,000

Rating: 3

PROS: Design and workmanship; many entries; clean and clear midrange

CONS: bass lacks scope; cheap remote control; inarticulate display

VERDICT: some buyers digital integrated amplifier-DAC DDA-120 might like, but it is far class leaders

Source: optomausa

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