Asus Chromebooks will go on the market in the fourth quarter of 2013

Asus is planning to enter the market Chromebooks no later than 4 quarters, hoping to increase demand for their laptops on the IT-market. Going to the market Chromebooks Asus plans to receive orders from the industry of education. Even despite the fact that the orders will be limited in any case they will help the company – the company recently reduced the supply of its laptops with 22-24 million to 17-19, and now began to look for methods to increase demand.

More recently, the focus on early Asus notebook shipments without touch panels in the entry-level models. September 15, together with Microsoft and Intel, Asus will show the latest model in an attempt to boost demand for its products.

The company first hesitant to enter the market Chromebooks because of the small demand, but the decline in sales of laptops has meant that the leadership of Asus still decided to take this step in order to increase the supply. And given the fact that Android and Chrome OS can be combined in 2014, the decision Asus can help improve the relationship with Google.

However, we must bear in mind that the sale of Chromebooks, and so suffer from a lack of demand, coupled with the low sales of the Asus might not turn out to save their sales.

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