New gadget OctoFire: Charger 8 gadgets

New gadget OctoFire: Charger 8 gadgets

New gadget OctoFire: Charger 8 gadgets

When you need to recharge a couple of devices – no problem. And what to do when they are four, six or even eight?

The answer is ready to give engineers Skiva Technologies. They have created a unique hub OctoFire. From other competitors, he immediately distinguished by the 8-port USB 3.0.

Its capacity is sufficient to cope with any device (within the specified number). You can simultaneously connect smartphones, tablets and other platforms with a suitable interface.

Operating systems do not play a role, supported by literally everything: iOS, Android, WP and so on.

That’s great – OctoFire restores “shrunken” electronics quickly. In what way? Due to the high power – 2.4 amps per port. Moreover, the unit automatically determines the optimal value for each gadget.

New gadget OctoFire: Charger 8 gadgets

Authors of the project is very responsible attitude to security. There is adequate protection against overheating, over-charge, over-current and things like that.

Developers have already collected on Kickstarter amount required for mass production. It remains only to wait for release in April 2015. Price hub – 59 US dollars.

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