Instagram “offends” Android users

Not so long ago, Instagram introduced the sixth version of its application for Android, which added many features for photo editing, in fact, putting into question the need for the presence, if not all, of the many mobile image editors on your smartphone. But, for a barrel of honey fly in the ointment?

Despite six major application updates, Android version still continues to spoil uploaded photos, clenching their quality before downloading. And it seems to me, negates all efforts related to the editing capabilities of the picture.
Even more annoying lovers of beautiful images that iOS version does not suffer similar problems. Goes some discrimination “axial” attribute. To verify this, just look at the following test images.

And this despite the fact that all modern Android-phone screens bypass iOS-users “is not one body,” having far greater resolution and pixel density, and in the chambers, too, to put it mildly, are not far behind. By the way, affects Instagram and the need to crop the photo to a size of 640 x 640, when everyone comes on the heels QuadHD-displays.

Strictly speaking, a little hard to believe that this is due to an oversight programmers for so many updates. Apparently, millions of Android-users and the quality of their images just not a priority.

That this can make the user who has spent a certain amount of money on a cool smartphone with camera and hope to share with the world pictures are of high quality? Perhaps a little. Does that change the social network. For example, in one of these .

Did you notice a difference in the quality of photos in Instagram, taken on iPhone and Android? Is it critical for you?

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