Galaxy S5: devoid of fear of innovation iPhone

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S5 much earlier than expected. This was done out of fear … unexpectedly high sales figures iPhone 5s. This message was received from the BGR. Resource citing Business Korea bases this information on the report “an unnamed guide Samsung”.

Here’s what to tell the world this “anonymous manager”:

Certainly there were many reasons for our decision to introduce Galaxy S5 at MWC, but the main intent was to counteract Apple iPhone 5s. I have heard that our company had to show a new version earlier than planned, because iPhone 5s meet in Europe – the stronghold series Galaxy S – better than expected.

In addition, a “source in the mobile phone industry” told that the announcement of the Galaxy S5 in Barcelona South Korean tehnogigant trying to cover the lack of innovation:

Samsung actually among employees there is general agreement about the absence of product innovation. This view was even before the Galaxy S5 was shown. … Samsung showed off a new model for MWC-2014, and not to separate presentation, as in the second case it would be difficult to divert attention from problems with innovation.

Earlier it was reported that the reason for the advance announcement of the next “samsungovskogo” become sluggish sales of the flagship Galaxy S4. Most likely, the company Samsung never explain the reasons for the public too early appearance Galaxy S5.

Undoubtedly, Galaxy S5 remains one of the most attractive Android-devices of the number represented in this year. At least, if we talk about flagship devices. But hopes are pinned on a rumor, it is not justified. Recall that the hype around the smartphone, which began prior to its announcement, does praised his “metal body” and a display with a resolution of 2K. Neither one nor the other real Galaxy S5 never achieved. However, the rumors do not cease and now they broadcast version Premium Galaxy S5, which will be shown later this year.

However, more confident and more confident voices that will soon cease to be the dominance of Android so unequivocal as it is today.

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