Increase the risk of car crashes CarPlay

Despite the fact that to see the new system CarPlay Apple’s happened only a few experts in the field of automotive safety is one voice declare that it is unlikely this innovative technology will contribute to increase the level of protection of the driver and passengers. Moreover, they believe that such a large number of distractions only further increase the probability of a traffic accident.

In a recent interview, CEO of US-based nonprofit organization “National Security Council” expressed serious concern about the imminent release of CarPlay into mass production. In particular, he said:

“The automotive industry and the consumer electronics sector started the arms race and compete to get the driver to engage as much as possible the number of cases in addition to greater driving”

There is already a lot of evidence that talking on the phone and mobile correspondence driving seriously increase the likelihood of an emergency on the road. It does not save even wireless headsets and voice control system, because at least this time the driver’s hands are not busy, a certain proportion of the attention is directed in the wrong direction and to a lesser extent focused on the road.

In Cupertino, such concerns are not left without attention and working to secure maximum safety. For example, we know that in the near future third-party developers are unlikely to get tools for creating applications for CarPlay. At first, apparently, the program filling automotive systems will be engaged by the company Apple.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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