Hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5

How often users do hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5? Fairly often. The reason is decision of the most problems associated with your smartphone. Hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5 will help to solve the problem in 99% of cases.

Despite the fact that hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5 solves the problem with the software, though you should try the procedure to solve the problem with hardware. For example, if your smartphone speaker stopped working, it is much easier and cheaper to check the software. Try to make a hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5, and if the problem is not solved – then you need to contact the service center.

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. First, go to the settings of the smartphone
  2. Scroll to “Backup & reset”Hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5
  3. In the window that displays all the settings related to the recovery and hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5. Here you can enable data backup:

“Automatically back up data (eg, passwords, Wi-Fi networks and call log), and application data (such as settings and files to Google Drive).

Once you turn on the backup data will be periodically saved in your Google Drive folder that is accessible only to you. Note that application data may include sensitive information: contacts, messages, photos and other files stored on the device according to the application developer settings. The backup data does not take much space on Google Drive. Large files will not be saved”.

In the settings you can also choose to back up an account, auto-recovery application data (backup settings and the data is restored when you reinstall the application).

Just below is located hard reset of network settings:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile data
  • BluetoothHard reset Samsung Galaxy S5

The last item “Reset” will return your Galaxy S5 to the state just bought. When you hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5 the software will return to its original state. From the internal memory will be deleted:

  • Google Account
  • Settings / data systems and applications
  • Apps
  • Music
  • A photo
  • Other data

Thus, we examined the section “Backup & reset”, and now you will be able to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S5 without problems.

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