The universe is expanding Dead Island: announced Dead Island Epidemic


Publisher Deep Silver, it seems, found a gold mine – though topic zombie shooters already izezzhena up and down, but the TV series Dead Island was perceived to cheer the players, so the announcement of another project in the same universe did not cause much surprise. What was surprising was the other – a new genre of game.

In contrast to the first two parts of which were shooters with role-playing elements in an open world, a new Dead Island Epidemic will … multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA (note that Deep Silver calls himself a new genre of games ZOMBA). The game will be distributed by the now fashionable scheme free-to-play, and at the moment it is known that there are three teams of players will have to survive under the pressure of the armies of zombies, and the publisher promises a familiar presence throughout the first part of Dead Island paraphernalia.

At the moment, the publisher is not voiced any estimates of the timing of the game, nor even its developer – at least the first two parts and were developed by a Polish company Techland, but in the creation of MOBA experience they have, so most likely the development of Dead Island Epidemic given to another studio. More information is expected later this month, the exhibition Gamescom 2013, where the publisher promises to shed more light on the new project. official site of the game has already started, but all that is in it as long as that is – is the ability to subscribe to the newsletter.

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