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Today we bring you the third and final part of a larger interview with Tim Cook’s edition of Businessweek. On the first and second parts are available on our website.

While these phones represent the top of the technology industry, there are others who seek to right on the bottom. Chinese and Indian manufacturers, 100-dollar and 150 dollar phone. What do you think about this? What does this mean for Apple?

For us it is very important to grow, but I do not measure our success in market shares. So if someone has got to sell a lot of tablets for $ 69, which you should pretty torment before forcing them to work, and they are thick, heavy and unpleasant to use, I do not even compare them with our share of the market, as we make very different products. I do not think they are equivalent to each other.

So I think that in most markets consumer electronics is always a second-rate part. And we do not want anything to do with it. We want to make truly great products and provide a pleasant experience with them. I’m sure we’ll get enough consumers who want to buy them. We want them to like me.

It’s a completely different business, not horrible – we do not spend time thinking about how to do that either though, because it’s not on what there is to focus.

I think these are the markets in which we are fortunate to be working: the market of smartphones, tablets – really huge markets. And yes, they can develop. To the extent that you have specified. There is a segment of the market, who need such products that can do a lot for consumers. I want to compete with other like crazy for these customers and convince them that the iPhone for them is the best choice.

A similar situation on the tablet market. He splits. For example, your child can run around the room and shouting, “Daddy, I want one tablet.” You will go to any lengths to silence him, and buy something cheap. This is not a market for which I am fighting. I would like to convince you that the iPad – the best choice, and your child will learn a lot in the course of its use. Selecting iPad, you’ll child incredible grandmother calls using FaceTime , and it will change and your life too. I’m not trying to say “pick me” to shut your baby.

Therefore, in this market, who cares about such things, I want to fight for it. To convince everyone to buy such a device.

I’m not going to make insomnia due to another market, because we work differently. Fortunately, both of these markets are so big that they have a lot of people who want to get pleasure from using the phone or tablet, so that Apple makes great business. A really cool business. And you can see it.

You have achieved success with the iPhone and iPad before it appeared the budget segment of the market . But here it is.

It happens in every market I’ve seen. This happens in the automotive market. In the market of all consumer electronics, from cameras and PCs to tablets and phones, as well as VCR and DVD. I can not remember a single consumer electronics market, where it has not happened.

And if there are companies that pursue similar goals, that’s great. I do not criticize them, really. I call them junk. I do not consider them significant. This is just my term for them, right? But they are not the ones who we are. I refuse to chase the blind ambition to increase its market share.

Toyota makes very good cars in different price ranges for many people in the world.

You’re right, it does.

But they are different from BMW.

It is. But the coolest thing we can provide a significant number of buyers truly enjoyable experience with using the highest quality ingredients. You mentioned the BMW, and I say this is because the market share of BMW cars is much lower than that of Apple in the tablet market.

So, we found a way to make sure that our products have caused the most pleasant feeling of use. Their quality and accuracy is incredible, really. But we can do it for many people. So many people.

And I’m not surprised that the “budget” market or “junk market” is developing its own products, because I know it’s going to happen.

By the way, no matter what market Apple entered either in the future, there is also going to happen. I’ll say it before, we’ll talk about them. It will happen. Such is life. I think people have forgotten about it. Or maybe it’s just fun to write anything. I do not know.

The last six or seven years have seen the emergence of iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. Do you feel your responsibility to keep up the pace of innovation and open up new markets or categories every few years?

Some people are not very accurate representation of the innovation. For them, innovation means only the emergence of new categories of products. I look at it differently. I do not look at it like everyone else. I mean, if you look at these products, you will find in them a lot of innovative features of the fingerprint scanner to the incredibly powerful processor. iOS is innovative enough . iOS 7 is full of them.

And so I think that I look at it a little differently. I do not know, my opinion coincides with the opinion of most people, but it is my position. This does not mean that we do not pay attention to the categories. Obviously, we do it. But we’re focused on other things.

Last question: What is the mission at Apple?

To create the best products in the world that can actually make people’s lives better. It’s our nature. Our goal – not to achieve the highest market capitalization, but we do occasionally fails. I hope you can see it in our products, and, more importantly, to enjoy their use. We are who we are.

And everyone here knows it. That’s the beauty of this place. We do not need to hang on the wall posters to remind people about it. All well and knows it.

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