Apple bought Cue: outlines improvements to Notification Center

Apple buys from time to time by different companies, the development of which may later prove to be useful. This has already happened with many different map services to other companies and start-ups, which management believes Apple looked promising. Last night on the Network ran a rumor that a list of companies absorbed by Apple, and added service Cue.

Estimated cost of the transaction amounts to approximately 40 million U.S. dollars, according to the portal TechCrunch. Actually, the reason for the rumors and discussions was the closure of the probability of selling the service Cue the day before.

Cue – a cross between TV “Today” in the Notification Center iOS 7, Google Now and Siri. Appendix analyzed connected social network user was looking at his calendar and contacts, and the output has offered personalized information. Approximately thus acts assistant Google Now, working in the background and the necessary tracking information to the user.

It is clear that the purchase of service Cue to Apple means that in Cupertino seriously reflect on the reconstruction of Notification Center. In iOS 7 shutter grown to three pages, and it may, it is not the limit. In many ways it can be assumed that Apple, using technology Cue, will bring many new and useful features in the Notification Center.

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