Comic video tells why Apple Watch Edition so expensive

Comic video tells why Apple Watch Edition so expensive

Comic video tells why Apple Watch Edition so expensive

Once it became clear that Apple will raise the price of the collection, made of gold at once. Thus, it becomes unavailable for the majority of consumers. This week has been announced cost premium collection of watches, it was even higher than many expected. Depending on the size, material and the strap that you choose, the cost device can reach $ 17,000.

As soon as it became known as “Requests” Apple for Apple Watch Edition, comedians comedy site CollegeHumor immediately come up with a funny skit explaining the reasons for such a high price policy in respect of the watches.

The video begins with the words of a senior vice president of industrial design Jonathan Apple’s Quince, who, speaking of Apple Watch Edition, states that “it is truly a revolutionary product and its main revolutionary feature is that you can communicate with unparalleled accuracy because you have $ 10,000. “

Then appears in the frame, “Tim Cook.” Chapter apple company says that the main advantage of this model is that everyone will know how much it costs. “Wow!” – Will tell you the following. Apple has released three collections of watches that are different materials from which they are made, and the cost. The Sports model is “a little”, stainless steel model has a “decent value”, and the price collection, made of gold – “inexcusably high.” If you forget for a moment that you are rich, just look at his wrist: there you will find a “living” proof.

Source: DigitalTrends

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