Infinity Blade III: The Neverending Story

Infinity Blade III (again!) is deservedly called the most beautiful game on iOS, not without reason comparing picture quality with projects for large platforms. But it is evident that the Chair does not have to focus solely on the picture, and came to develop in all seriousness, apparently having decided to finally rid your project from the unpleasant label benchmark hinged spiteful critics.

History of the final confrontation warrior Siris and keeper of secrets in Infinity Blade III served better than in the previous “episodes”, but fully understand all the plot twists and turns will be possible only to those who have read the book, connecting the parts of the game – Infinity Blade: Awakening, and Infinity Blade: Redemption . Do not play well in the first two parts often left wondering about who these people are and what’s going on here.

At the same time, the game has become more than an order of magnitude compared to its predecessor, has acquired many new chips had improved role-based and relatively coherent flow of the plot, but, for some unknown reason, none of the innovations that the developers have not been able to bring to mind .

Infinity Blade III is divided into five acts, and no longer causes the player to wander around a single tower. Our services are a number of unique areas – from the sun-drenched arena for gladiator fights, located in the heart of the desert, to the eastern pagodas and gloomy dungeons. But despite the increasing number of available locations, opportunities to explore them is not easy. If the second part allows you to choose and change the route, then the third player persistently dragged along the narrow plot rails. Comes to the ridiculous – if, say, a treasure chest got in your field of vision until the character is passed, to get it you will not be able to. So you have to constantly turn my head, fearing to miss something interesting.

It is necessary to clarify that Infinity Blade character certainly can not move freely on the location, it can only interact with these players are active objects or enemies. And indeed the game itself consists of a series of duels with the kind of randomly generated opponents.

The dynamic combat system has not changed much, despite the emergence of an additional playable character and is more of a minus than a plus. Battles still built on defense, and swipe through the player taps on the screen has to parry, dodge them and block enemy attacks with a shield, waiting for the right moment to counter-attack or use magic. In Infinity Blade III, in addition to the ability to complete a series of blows powerful attack combos to add a personal individual weapons, so chop enemies in the cabbage was at times more fun. Opponents, by the way, a lot of them are like old friends, wandering from part to part, and new.

It would seem that with the advent of girls’ Isa, you could see in the second part, the fighting had become more diverse, because it has its own sets of uniforms, weapons and sets, nominally, the other fighting techniques. In fact, it is as Siris, uses three types of weapons – normal, light and heavy, and in the battle more focused not just on the blocks, and avoid shocks. It is not that fights involving Siris and Isa absolutely identical, but the differences are not so much as expected.

Role system finally became at least a little more interesting. Now, from the pumping of a performance depends not only on the number of hit points of the hero or the strength of its impact, but also the skills available to him. After investing a certain amount of points in one of the characteristics of a player gives you access to special abilities, such as a new series of strokes, the ability to crack chests, faster or store energy, for example, receive a discount on the services of a blacksmith. True particular logical relationship between the characteristics and abilities were noticed. Why Pushing protection should influence how often the hero will visit bagman? The question unanswered.

Every journey begins with the Vault – the camp of the main characters, is a small oasis of tranquility in this dying post-apocalyptic world. As you progress through the Vault will be new residents. The Alchemist, brewing potions you found out the ingredients, a blacksmith, improving your armor and weapons, a jeweler, a traveling salesman. All of them make your life a little easier, but most of all good it does blacksmith.

As before, the levels of the hero gets pumping equipment, and usually after the subject has accumulated the maximum possible experience, he begins to slow down the development of the character, so you have to look for an alternative. If a bagatelle categorically do not want to leave because of the favorable combination of characteristics or attractive appearance, you can give it a couple of hours in the hands of a blacksmith to improve its quality and, consequently, the appearance of the ability to pump more.

In addition to the campaign mode, which can of course be pereprohodit many times, constantly increasing complexity, the game provides social mission Clashmob and single-user tasks, allowing to acquire a rare gear or get another reward.

The problem is that none of this is working as it should. Alchemy and cut stones differ unpredictable results and long delays, making them virtually useless.

Fight with the enemies, great on their own, in a campaign often suffer from imbalance. The game certainly comes a time when you run into a superior in all respects you boss, who just a couple of poking sends Siris reborn, so to start the level over again. And then once more. And more. And so long as he does not save up some money and levels to buy the best equipment.

Mode Clashmob, which has been available the first time after release, is now being revised and removed from the game, and the single-player missions requiring, for example, with the passage of certain weapons, check for the presence of these weapons only in the beginning of the job.

And while the rest at Infinity Blade III more than a good idea, despite the fact that it looks and plays very well, and among the described disadvantages there’s nothing they could not fix the patches, it is the presence of these shortcomings, and even in such numbers , is frank bewilderment and an important question to the developers. Potentially one of the best games on the platform until it looks frankly crude, and sometimes inferior to its predecessor, but you have time to enter the next generation iPhone. Well done?

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