Launchpad in OS X: it is as Finder, only easier

In 2011, Apple began the process of unification of interfaces OS X Lion and iOS, bringing together the ideology of user interaction of the two operating systems. The most noticeable change – the emergence of Launchpad, an alternative and simplified run programs installed on computers running OS X. But the reason for such action on the part of Apple sees the desire to reduce dependence on the rookie is not yet clear to him Finder, facilitate his transition to Mac, spending some association with iOS.


After the polls familiar, the general consensus is – «Launchpad, in general, is a useless contraption, beautiful, but not more than that.” Someone leaves the most necessary applications in the “Dock”, someone in such cases uses Spotlight, or prefer alternative launchers like Alfred, LaunchBar, someone is waiting for updates once popular Quicksilver. And some more convenient to use the Finder, or simply open the application and does not close them all.

In general, for me, as for the “old makintoshnika” appearance of Launchpad is not a revelation, I did not expect something like that and did not need alternatives. The habit of pressing the combination Ctrl + Space to the appearance of the window Spotlight and typing on the keyboard the first letters of the application or file firmly stuck somewhere deep in the subcortical, change habits is difficult. That’s David Chartier, blogger, writer and “old makintoshnik” too (it was his article prompted to think about the Launchpad), thinks a lot like:

Like shortcuts ⌘-Space to launch Alfred or LaunchBar were to me for granted, like combination ⌘ – ⇧-A in the Finder (rapid transition to the folder “Applications”, approx. Ed.) […] For a number of last months, I’m trying to simplify your workspace. […] When I “threw” the unnecessary icons from the dock, I realized that I was not ready to remove Launchpad. I do not know why I left it, the first reaction to it was one – to remove. I gave it a last try, and now I totally understand why.

He said that along with Spotlight, Apple has given us an accurate tool to search for the files to bypass the Finder. A Launchpad – quite a good way to distance himself from yet unknown or unnecessary built-in file manager interface, do not pay attention to all sorts of options, settings, and extra attributes. I agree – they are in most common action with the launch of applications simply do not need them or interfere. As a simple bookshelf, Launchpad gives clear and visual representation of the applications installed on the Mac, at the same time making it possible to organize the items in the order you want to use just what you need for the job.


If you still adherent use keyboard shortcuts in your work, you may be convenient to use the Launchpad, running it with the help of multi-touch gestures on the trackpad (bring four fingers anywhere on the system), or by assigning the appearance of Launchpad on one of the corners in the active configuration . I will say more – Mountain Lion and almost finished markedly improved the Mavericks Launchpad: increased the size of the icons, added the ability to search by name, even added a nice animation when you install a new application.

Twitter-blinkSo why not try to give a chance to yet another new easy and beautiful way to organize and manage installed applications, not simplify your workflow? Here, too, advises David to do the same, add the Launchpad icon in the “dock”, use gestures to spend a bit of time to ensure that once put everything on the shelves. I think in the future, Apple just will not leave us any choice, given the recent trend towards convergence, to unify the interfaces and methods of use of mobile and “adult” desktop operating systems.

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