Nokia Treasure Tag – accessory that will help you find a needle in a haystack

Nokia is in many ways trying to attract users to its line of smartphones Lumia. Resource The Verge is being reported that the Finnish company is developing for the new Lumia line of smartphones accessory, code-named Treasure Tag, which combines wireless modules Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. The novelty is made in the form of a conventional keyring.
Its main purpose will be the location of a particular designation of the subject. With the new Lumia smartphones will be accompanied by a module NFC. In tandem with a special application, Treasure Tag will track the location of the lost keys of the apartment or car. It is remarkable, but not so long ago was carried Kickstarter to raise funds for the mass production of a similar device called the Tile.

Location of lost keys with keychain Treasure Tag can be calculated as using a special application and using augmented reality technology LiveSight on maps HERE.

It should also be noted that using part of the accessory to the audio signal can determine the location of a smartphone, which is synchronized with it. Unfortunately, in this case, will have to rely on my own ears, and the range of the Bluetooth.

Treasure Tag device is equipped with a battery, a charge which will last for six months of continuous operation. Treasure Tag device will be available in the next few weeks, immediately after the release of Amber updates for Windows Phone 8 operating system, which will support standard and Bluetooth 4.0.

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