Find Parkinson's disease may be any keyboard

Find Parkinson’s disease may be any keyboard

Find Parkinson's disease may be any keyboard

Extremely valuable discovery made by experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Researchers have learned to detect the early stages of Parkinson’s disease.

Before the said disease will manifest itself in full force, it is extremely difficult to diagnose. Tools for such a little.

Now, however, analyze the condition of the patient easily using … normal keyboard.

There are contraindications. Talk to your doctor.

As a method of work? The Special software monitors the manner of typing, records the time your keystrokes and similar settings. This allows us to effectively evaluate violations of motor skills.

The results of healthy people differ on the nature of printing those suffering from Parkinson’s. Based on the collected statistics – after a thorough study – the program verdict.

Find Parkinson's disease may be any keyboard

Now the system is tested at MIT on a number of volunteers. Idea improving technology, trying to make the most accurate algorithm.

Disease, unfortunately, is incurable. But the development of symptoms can significantly slow.

Source: Engadget

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