Everyday Messenger - bag for gadgets

Everyday Messenger – bag for gadgets

When you need to take a more expensive devices, it is better to put them in a backpack. Or in a special bag for gadgets Everyday Messenger.

Feature of the bag for gadgets

Said the project – a new “Star” site Kickstarter. Members gathered for mass production of nearly 3 million.

Everyday Messenger - bag for gadgets

A real godsend for those whose life is unthinkable without a dozen devices at the same time. Photos, for example.

The Everyday Messenger is easy to put anything – from your smartphone to the laptop, any lenses and other equipment. For this, there are special compartments. Closed product with a magnetic latch.

Everyday Messenger - bag for gadgets

An important point: the bag for gadgets is made from a special material with a foam-filled. Said bad protects the electronics against damage of mechanical nature. In addition, the fabric has a water repellent.

For comfortable carrying enjoy comfortable belt. On the outside, you can attach the camera.

In the end, the bag gadget has an interesting design and attractive appearance. Therefore, a team of five people from San Francisco have done a wonderful bag. The release is expected later this year. The pre-order price of the bag for gadgets- from $ 195.

Source: geeky-gadgets

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