Epic battle in Eve Online valued at $ 330,000


Events that took place from 27 to 28 January 2014 in the system B-R5RB, already dubbed a bloodbath. Incredible scale battle unfolded due to carelessness of the corporation members HAVOC, who forgot to set up an automatic payment system sovereignty. CONCORD (police Eve Online), find “debts” declared the seat vacant, hastened to take advantage of an alliance than CFC / DTF (RUS). Fleet Russian alliance entrenched in the system and began to prepare to repel an imminent attack alliance PL/N3, which also included the loss of control over the system of the corporation. Fueled the situation that the war between these groups is October 2013. Fight, which claims to be the longest laurels PvP-confrontation in the history of computer games, lasted 21 hours, and accurate statistics developers were able to provide only the next day.

According to statistics, CCP , in the battle of 7548 took part in the unique characters of the two coalitions, with 6058 players fought directly in the B-R5RB. Maximum number of ships at the same time is in the system – 2,670.

This battle was not the most massive in the 11 years of existence, Eve Online, but it was destroyed by the most class ships “Titan”. N3/PL lost 59 titans, while the winners of the CFC / DTF (RUS) missed 16. Titans – the largest and most expensive ships in the universe of Eve Online, their construction takes thousands of man-hours, and the cost is measured in thousands of dollars. For example, Erebus, the most expensive of the destroyed ships, worth about $ 5,500. looked really impressive fight.

Today, developers are planning to deploy the system titanomachy – cemetery destroyed the Titans, so as to perpetuate this battle in the history of Eve Online.

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