Review of iPhone 5c: Bright and fresh

Apple has since 2007 produces excellent phones. So great that the iPhone could significantly affect the development of the smartphone market and set the vector of the remaining producers. Those who have decided to go their own way, eventually sold to Microsoft or even become a private company, originating landmark specific segments of the market and going to the consumer electronics market. Anyway iPhone has affected all producers of smartphones. Every year Apple strengthens its position and displays the next generation of its sole smartphone yet September 10, 2013 was an unusual event – instead of one smartphone we were shown for two. One of them – is iPhone 5S , a new flagship, which we have already managed to talk in detail, the second – iPhone 5c. It’s his time.

Typically, the company acted in a different way – instead of the presentation of the two smartphones, we got one, and the previous generation throws in the price of 100 dollars. For example, with the release of the iPhone 5 accelerated version of the “quartet” fell to $ 100, and the very “four” became free at the conclusion of the contract with the operator. This year, Apple has chosen a different path, presenting two different number of different price categories. Rather than reduce the price of the iPhone 5, Apple put in its place iPhone 5c – a new iPhone in a plastic case, with a different design, but at the same price. And the iPhone 5 is simply removed from wherever he was.

On the other hand, though iPhone 5c and costs less, it is not a low-cost device, “an iPhone for the poor”, the cost of the device in a 16 GB version without a contract is $ 549. This iPhone – it’s just another device, offering instead a strict classical forms and colors, more relaxed and cheerful appearance, the number of available colors for the body suggests that the device will be interesting to a young audience.

Many were convinced that a return to the plastic – this is a step backwards. In fact, nothing wrong with a plastic case not, Apple already had experience with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs, with shells were made of plastic it is. However, unlike the old iPhone, this year’s model offers the buyer a higher quality plastic. Housing iPhone 5c heavier iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c to 20 grams, and the difference is noticeable. With such weight plastic model is quite noticeable in the hand, but at the same time not so hard as to cause discomfort. Face of the body smoothly rounded, and the phone easily slips into a pocket and retrieved from there without any difficulty.

As for the stuffing inside the smartphone, it is appropriate to draw a parallel with the iPhone 5, as the phones are virtually identical inside – a dual-core processor A6, 1 gigabyte of RAM and the same 8-megapixel camera. Still, there are differences – for example, the battery capacity was slightly higher (1510 mAh vs 1440 mAh in the iPhone 5). Also notable difference was the support of domestic LTE-networks, which still does not work. In a review of iPhone 5s we have already addressed this issue and settled on the fact that the official arrival of smart phones in Russia will be all right.

Despite last year’s components, iPhone 5c shows a very smooth and fast operation, the phone is really nice to use, it is responsive, fast and productive. In all the time that I was able to spend with the device, absolutely no complaints about his work I did not have. Although for sure when the next version of iOS, from 5c will be the first stumbling, while the iPhone 5s will still keep a stiff upper lip. Based on these assumptions, it can be concluded that the resource at the iPhone 5c per generation less than the flagship.

The display remains unchanged – the same 4-inch, and all the same resolution 1136 x 640 pixels. In the web frequent cries of discontent that, say, a non-standard resolution iPhone, and even up to 720p does not hold, however, as a result of Apple’s smartphone owners get a great clear screen that even subtle iOS 7 fonts look fine. Comparing the two iPhone – iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 – nose to nose, I noticed that the plastic novelties slightly warmer colors, although this may be due to the fact that the device is new and with time it will also screen a bit cooler color temperature.

From what did not like, again mention the plastic. Whatever it was, the tactile sensation with the metal is very difficult to compete, as well as in our case. Of course, iPhone 5c does not feel in the hand as something cheap and of poor quality, but the fingerprints and dirt collects on its body a solid top five. Contaminants are removed without any problems, but still wear all the time with a microfiber cloth or rub the phone on a white shirt – this activity is not the most pleasant.

Unfortunately, a fingerprint reader and a better camera remained the exclusive aspects of iPhone 5s, model and color content with a conventional manual button “Home” and the camera the previous generation. This decision is understandable and clear, but very interested in the question about the next generation iPhone 5c – line will remain without a scanner or all the same in the second generation of plastic phones appear Touch ID?

The rest of the smartphone has turned out great. Many will appreciate the choice of body colors and merry look, especially if the company to purchase and to cover the hole. If you do not chase performance, but want to have a stylish and bright unit, then there is no need to look for “Lumiya” and so on – in a line of smartphones Apple appeared bright iPhone 5c. Fast, high-quality and on iOS.

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