Sony NEX-5T: Intelligent Shooting and wireless data

Sony announced a new compact camera – Sony NEX-5T. A large matrix provides improved picture quality and compact size of the camera makes the process of shooting more convenient – in the photo size really does matter. A new model of Sony NEX-5T brings professional image quality, wireless freedom and a powerful set of features in an ultra-compact camera with the creative possibilities that offer interchangeable lenses.

Nestled in a pocket or bag, this camera will be a partner for keen photographers who want the image quality and easy operation digital SLR camera, but I want to carry less equipment.

Wi-Fi allows you to connect the camera NEX-5T to a smart phone, computer or TV, and transfer photos wirelessly. This is also the first Sony camera with interchangeable lenses E-mount supports NFC (near field communication), which provides the added convenience of one-touch wireless connection to compatible smartphones and tablets with Android OS for a simple and easy copying photos and even remotely control the camera. Do not need no configuration – just touch your mobile device to the NEX-5T, and the wireless connection is established. Function Smart Remote Control lets you control the shutter release from your device: great for group shots in which you would like to attend.

Camera NEX-5T is equipped with a large sensor APS-C format with an effective resolution of 16.1 megapixels, which captures more light than small matrix in ordinary compact cameras. You will be rewarded with high-detail photos (both digital SLR camera) and Full HD video with ultra low noise. A large matrix provides a good quality of photos and videos in poor light conditions – a high definition pictures at dusk and in the interior by candlelight.

Sony NEX-5T allows for a split second to make a good shot, whether spontaneous or portrait photo a street show. Advanced Fast Hybrid AF combines the phase AF to track fast-moving objects with contrast AF for absolute accuracy. This combination provides a fast and accurate focusing of an object.


And do not forget – sometimes you have to take a picture and myself. Very easy to remove thanks to a great self-portrait LCD screen that rotates 180 °, that you see yourself holding the camera at arm’s length. When you activate the automatic portrait framing (Auto Portrait Framing) picture will be perfectly arranged with no additional effort on your part. In the settings screen you can also install a digital level, which makes it easy to check horizontal lines and do not fill up the horizon.

Serious photographers provide ample opportunity to adjust the camera settings according to their artistic vision. Model NEX-5T provides additional comfort thanks to a special wheel controls and context to the Fn button for instant access to frequently used functions.

New software PlayMemories Camera Apps

Constantly updated collection of applications PlayMemories Camera Apps adds exciting new features on the camera NEX-5T. Choose free and paid applications for creating special effects and image-friendly utility. It’s a great way to expand your creative possibilities.

The newest application of lens distortion compensation (Lens Compensation) allows experienced users to record and apply a thin image correction for different lenses. Compensation may be adjustable to compensate for peripheral shading, chromatic aberration, barrel-and pincushion distortion.

Function Smart Remote Control, allows you to control the camera remotely, now upgraded to version 2.0. In addition it is possible to control autofocus directly from the touch screen connected smartphone or tablet (requires the latest version of the free app PlayMemories Mobile). You are given more control over the image. You can make a fingertip exposure compensation, adjust the aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and white balance. In addition, the MF Assist function allows you to accurately check the sharpness of portraits and macro shots on the big screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Direct Upload program version 2.0, upgraded, upload photos to social networks in any location where there is access to Wi-Fi. Installing the add-on Flickr Add-on now offers direct uploading images to Flickr.

Exclusive Cases and Accessories

Series of optional accessories offer stylish protection for a new camera. Slim and lightweight case LCJ-EBA, exclusive designed in a range of colors, harmony with the finished models NEX-5T and NEX-5R, allows you to use all the features of NFC communication in the model NEX-5T. Case LCS-BBK fits easily in your travel bag. Soft carrying case LCS-EMJ is equipped with an expandable compartment with zipper to change the size of the bag to the size of the lens mounted on the camera. Universal Battery Charger BC-QM1 can quickly charge the batteries for the latest models and α Handycam, and can also provide power to your smartphone via the USB. Accessory Kit ACC-PFW1 includes the film PCK-LS1EM to protect the LCD screen from fingerprints and MC Protector VF-405MP (diameter 40.5 mm) and a battery NP-FW50.

The camera is available in three colors: black, white, silver.

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