The first compact 3D-scanner offered at a price cheaper than a thousand dollars

At a time when the price of desktop 3D-printers consistently fall below $ 1000 dollars, the emergence of portable 3D-scanner is only a matter of time.

The company intends to raise Fuel3D site Kickstarter 75 thousand dollars, which should help her to bring a working prototype of a scanner on the market. The technology underlying the new product, created a team of researchers from the University of Oxford for medical imaging, but Fuel3D intends to use the scanner as an assistant to perform creative works. In a small handheld device placed pre-calibrated stereo cameras and photometric sensors that detect the shape and color of an object up to 250 microns. It’s a little more modern desktop resolution of 3D-printers (for example, the accuracy of detail of the model MakerBot cost of $ 2,200 is 100 microns).

In just one day Fuel3D on Kickstarter has managed to collect 23 thousand dollars out of the planned 75 thousand said in a statement that the new model of the scanner will be able to get all of who contributes more than $ 750

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