Razer has released a new mouse buttons with seventeen


The company believes that the mice with a series of Naga dvenadtsatiknopochnoy numeric keypad on the side, as well as two standard and two additional buttons and a scroll wheel on the top will be in demand especially among fans of multiplayer online games.

In contrast to the model, released in 2012, Razer Naga 2014 does not come with additional overlays that change the shape of the mouse. The sensitivity of the sensor can be raised up to 8200 dots per inch, and the laser parameters are configured for a particular surface on which to operate a mouse. The side buttons are made in the new model, mechanical, and provide both tactile and audible feedback. Commentators emphasize the ergonomic arrangement and shape of the buttons that make them easy to distinguish by touch.

Settings button actions are manufactured attached to the mouse program Synapse. This requires an Internet connection and institution account at Razer. This is expected to simplify the synchronization settings between multiple computers. Interestingly, the program is able to display the settings window on top of a running game in full screen mode.

Razer Naga 2014 is $ 80 and will be available in versions for left and right hands.

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