Doogee - even some advanced watches from China

Doogee – even some advanced watches from China

The market of smart devices is now quite saturated while more electronics manufacturers are starting to produce their own models of this kind of gadgets, especially smart advanced watches. But watch more perfect than they are functional, the device is more than worth it. However, sometimes there are exceptions, and one of them – Doogee, watch a Chinese manufacturer, which is almost universal.

What is interesting to have a advanced watches?

Inside IP68 aluminum housing – module 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi module, 5 MP camera, microphone and speaker slots for micro-SIM and SD-card. Also worth mentioning is 512 RAM, 4GB internal memory (can be expanded up to 32 GB using a memory card), heart rate monitor, pedometer, barometer, GPS, and altimeter.

It is the much more extensive set of features than can offer a standard smart advanced watches known manufacturers.

Doogee - even some advanced watches from China

On a positive note, and 600 mAh battery that provides the devices within 5-7 days. There is a touch-screen display, the characteristics of which is not yet declared. Operating hours is also not yet known.

The main body of advanced watches is placed two large physical buttons. The cost of the device, unfortunately, has not yet been announced, but the device will be released closer to the end of August, so then it will be possible to know the price.

Source: techrumblr

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