droPrinter - printer for mobile devices that do not need ink

droPrinter – printer for mobile devices that do not need ink

It was recently presented an interesting device printer for mobile devices, let’s look at its features. The problem with most conventional printers, even the highest quality, is the need to refill their ink or toner. Without this, the printer will not work simply print – nothing. But droPrinter, the name of the new model of printer ink or toner is simply not needed.

New features of printer for mobile devices

The fact that this device prints on thermal paper (similar to that used in the cash register). A feature of this printer is the fact that it is intended for mobile gadgets – phones or tablets. This device helps direct print photos, web pages from the browser, a shopping list, pictures from Instagram and other data.

Connect the device for wireless communication, Bluetooth, and works in the future without the need for additional configuration.

The cost of the printer for mobile devices on Kickstarter is only about $ 30.

Source: kickstarter

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