Rumor: Microsoft Lumia 940 price the flagship will be more expensive iPhone 6 and GALAXY S6

Rumor: Microsoft Lumia 940 price the flagship will be more expensive iPhone 6 and GALAXY S6

Microsoft, which, following the recent dismissal of the former head of Nokia, announced more cuts. Most of all it will affect the mobile unit, which is also, according to the head of Satya Nadella will lead to a sharp reduction in the range. Flagships will still be in the portfolio of the software giant, however, for it will have to pay a significant amount.

German MyWindows learned from a reliable source of new details about the future Lumia 940 price and Lumia 940 XL, and received a confirmation number of early leaks and rumors about their specifications. According to him, the main mobile gadgets Microsoft will be more expensive Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung GALAXY S6. Unfortunately, the specific amount was not disclosed.

Why will be Lumia 940 price higher for the competition?

The cost of new products on a level with the main competitors is justified for the company, but if Microsoft decides to establish a price tag higher than its competitors, it could undermine the already not very high sales of more expensive devices on Windows Phone – according to sales statistics: it cost gadgets take up the lion’s share of sales Smartphone manufacturer. Moreover, the historian said usage carbonate as housing materials. It is to be expected given the current lineup, however, looks a bit strange in 2015 when even the Samsung develops glass and aluminum.

Rumor: Microsoft Lumia 940 price the flagship will be more expensive iPhone 6 and GALAXY S6

On the other hand, the source did not specify whether it is a Lumia 940 price or Lumia still 940 XL. If his information about the “higher price” refers to the increased gadget, this is obvious, and its cost can be expected at the level of GALAXY S6 edge or iPhone 6 Plus. In addition, Microsoft will ask for about 100 euros for feature Continuum Smartphone, or rather for the adapter that will turn your smartphone into a full-fledged computer. By doing this dock on sale in early 2016.

Regarding the technical characteristics of the source only confirmed data already known to us. Lumia 940 price will get a 5.2-inch Full HD-display chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of permanent memory, expandable via Micro SD, 20-megapixel main (supplemented with a triple LED-flash) and a 5-megapixel front camera and iris scanner. Microsoft Lumia 940 XL please a large screen (5.7-inch with a resolution of 2K) and more productive (and hot) processor Snapdragon 810. Work news, of course, will be on Windows 10 Mobile.

Source: wmpoweruser

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