Tim Cook spoke out against discrimination


The notorious term “democracy” is becoming more and more importance. If initially under him understand “the power of the people”, he now represents, in addition to everything else, and the protection of the rights of various minorities. At this time, the U.S. government has taken on the problem of discrimination in the employment and the workplace. laconic Tim Cook suddenly found himself in the midst of events.

The reason for the discussion was held yesterday by the U.S. Senate consideration of the bill, entitled “Non-discrimination in the workplace.” Tim Cook has publicly expressed support for this legislation.

Chief Executive Officer, stated:

We are dedicated to creating a safe and friendly atmosphere in the workplace for all our employees, regardless of their race, nationality, gender or sexual orientation

Tim Cook said that the adoption of this law – it is not only “a matter of human dignity and civil rights,” but also it is “perfectly contribute to the development of creativity, which is the driving force of our business.” Also, Apple CEO shared his observations:

If people understand that they are valued for what they are, they begin to feel comfortable and confident that helps them achieve the best results in the

Also, Tim Cook believes that “a very large number of people for too long been forced to hide at work part of their identity.”

Later in his speech said Tim Cook, who exactly is all this time suffered, hiding from his colleagues:

Apple anti-discrimination policy is more effective the protection afforded by this time American workers by federal law. This situation is due to the fact that Apple banned any type of discrimination in relation to working in the company of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. Submitted to the Senate bill will improve the situation in this area and will protect employees from discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation

In support of this bill and gave President Barack Obama, who said that “in the U.S., no one shall be subjected to insults for what he is and who he loves.”

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