Microsoft has acknowledged the failure of the plates Surface

In the Internet were excerpts from a speech by Steve Ballmer at the internal meeting on the campus of Microsoft, which is held after the announcement of quarterly results of the company. Top manager admitted that the Surface RT tablet not sold and the recent decline in the cost of devices has become a necessary measure.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and COO Kevin Turner discussed the pace of sales Surface tablets and other gadgets on Windows. Part of the above was published on The Verge.

“We have released more devices than we can sell,” – said Ballmer, when we are talking about the pace of sales Surface RT.

Microsoft recently reduced the price of tablets on Windows RT by 30% worldwide. Ballmer and Turner admitted that the cancellation of the huge profits – $ 900 million in the second quarter of 2013 – are connected with the need to dump to sell the remaining Surface RT.

It is easy to calculate that Microsoft has ordered manufacturers of components for the production of components to assembly 6000000 Surface RT. The disappointing figures, because the first three quarters of the world was sold 1-1.5 million such devices. This estimate of analysts. Microsoft itself is in no hurry to boast sales of tablets. As soon as it became aware of the story last Friday, the company fell by 11.4%, or $ 34 billion

The last hope is the case with Microsoft Surface – corporate clients, who are used to Windows, spent money on training employees to work with this system and it will not change with the Apple tablet, or, God forbid, with Android-powered devices. But these expectations do not seem to come true: preboards “Gazprom” Alexey Miller has been preferred to iPad for mobile control of Russia’s largest corporation. Although he could buy some Surface Pro for Windows 8 and install it on the program from your desktop workstation.

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