Hasselblad and Sony develop a new type of sensor for cameras


The Hasselblad brand is definitely known to those who follow the market of digital photography, but unfortunately the reputation, in the last period, it is not caused by positive achievements for having developed innovative products or for bringing cameras particularly interesting to the attention of the general public. The Swedish manufacturer has in fact collaborated with Sony to create a customization of some models proposed by the Japanese brand, realizing luxury versions, different materials, but identical in hardware equipment. Precisely for this reason many will remember products like Stellar , a RX-100 sold at a price much higher, because of the finest materials.

Apparently the cooperation between Sony and Hasselblad is set to continue, but, fortunately, with bases much more promising. According to the site Sony Alpha Rumors , the two brands they would be collaborating on the development of a new type of sensor, which should be announced in early 2014. Although these are rumors, the rumor is considered to be very reliable, as confirmed from multiple sources already known for their reliability.

The details on the operation of the sensor are almost nil, but there are rumors that the operation should allow you to adjust the exposure of each pixel in a totally independent manner. This news, if confirmed, would have a remarkable impact on shooting, first of all a remarkable increase of the dynamic images. At the moment there are no indications on the camera sensor that could equip this before, which is quite understandable, since the “rumors.”

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