Members meet Nexus Android 5.0.1

Members meet Nexus Android 5.0.1

Members meet Nexus Android 5.0.1

Most likely, you’re like the majority of users of the mobile operating system from Google, is still waiting for the appearance of the upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop for your device. The thing is that the “candy” not in a hurry to spread around the world. Lollipop did not even hit the monthly report on the prevalence of versions of “green robot” for December, which is obviously talking about insignificant percentage of devices operating under its control. Meanwhile, Google has released version Android 5.0.1.

According to Androidcentral, Google released a version of the AOSP – Android 5.0.1 release 1 build number LRX22C. Obviously, this is a minor update, which introduces only a few corrections. Nevertheless, what exactly has been changed, it is still unclear.

Members meet Nexus Android 5.0.1

To look into the help system images, published for several Nexus-devices official website Google developer. To be precise, we are talking about the Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi), Nexus July 2013 (Wi-Fi) and Nexus 10.

It is noteworthy that users Nexus 6, as well as owners of older Nexus-smartphones, “candy” not given. Perhaps the update is due solely to the tablet.

Androidauthority also suggests that this release may be the reason for the slow spread of the fifth version of Android. By analogy with how many phones missed version 4.4.3 and immediately got an upgrade to 4.4.4.

In any case, in the near future Android 5.0.1 should see more information.

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