What does Google know about each of us

What does Google know about each of us

What does Google know about each of us

Many of us are not serious about spying Google for its users. Indeed, such that they can know? As it turned out, quite a lot. Take a regular user of Android-smartphone, which is many around. He is likely to use your card, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, and maybe something else. Already thanks only to that Google stores a wealth of information about each of us. Do not believe me? See for yourself!


Advertising – is the main source of income of the company, the main product of which is the search engine. To advertising to be effective, it should be offered to interested users. And how to understand what the user is interested? Study it in detail than Google and deals. They know your approximate age, gender, and interests. Follow this link and you will see how you imagine Google.

Location – Google

You allow your smartphone to collect data about your location? What do you think he does with them? In doubt, then check this by clicking on the link.

Search History

Google is the most visited site in the world. It continuously processes the queries, and believe me, he remembers them. How any of their devices would use people, Google knows what they are looking for before. The history of their searches, which keeps Google, you can view on this link .

Your device – Google

Google knows what device you are using, knows which devices you own and know what device you used earlier. When this is not necessarily talking about the Android-smartphone and tablets. Want to check? Please. Just go to link.

Your programs

Know which programs have access to your data? It would be good to know. Google knows for sure, and willing to share this information with the following link.

I think if you walked on all published links above, you now know that Google knows about you and I much more than it seemed. And the memory of Google’s best man. However, it should also be understood that other Internet companies whose services we use, watching us no less closely. This allows us to more effectively interact with them, and they earn on their efficient services.

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