New Apple and Tesla entice each other's best experts

New Apple and Tesla entice each other’s best experts

New Apple and Tesla entice each other's best experts

It would seem that, where else can you dream work, if not Apple? And it turns out, is even possible – in Tesla. The well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles successfully luring currently leading employees’ giant apple.”

According to Bloomberg, for 150 ex-kupertinovtsy work for the benefit of the automotive corporation. One of the founders of Tesla Elon Musk said that the number of former in their state more than people from any other companies, including automotive. Bloomberg journalists viewed profiles of some top managers on LinkedIn, and found that many of them really worked previously for the benefit of Apple.

What motivates employees “apple” of the company to leave the company for Tesla? Really high salaries and career prospects?

First of all, say former kupertinovtsy it prospects of electric vehicles, and the identity of Elon Musk. It is often compared with Steve Jobs, and I must say, he does not mind. The same charisma, attention to detail, ability to think strategically and strong leadership skills. Apple’s influence on Tesla appears in the approaches to the design, to the design shops and many other aspects of the business. So there is nothing surprising in the transition frame no. At the new place they are likely to feel more than comfortable.

Electronics giant is trying to apply their methods headhunting, but it seems not so successful. Musk said his staff offers an impressive and bonuses of $ 250,000 and an increase of 60 per cent of salary. But were led to “apples” only a couple of people – compared to 150 in the opposite direction.

Apple’s interest to specialists automobile business is not surprising, given the development of the company in this field. Among them – CarPlay, Siri Eyes Free, as well as analogue “Google release” Street View. According to some, the most incredible rumors kupertinovtsy even threatened on its own unmanned vehicles.

Who will win in this battle for talent – is still unknown, but it is obvious that individual employees will benefit from this.

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